Original Ford Transit MK8 Scheinwerfer Links RHD 2387743 NEU

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We are selling an original ford transit

headlight left

the headlight is fitting in ford transit with and without facelift beginning
from august 2013 until today

the headlight is only for cars with Right Hand Drive, for the ones who dont know, this means where the steering wheel is right instead of the usual left side

we are selling from germany so be aware that the shipping costs will be around 18€

Please compare the original ford part numbers with your old one:

1815695 - BK31-13W030-AA
1817486 - BK31-13W030-AB
1819825 - BK31-13W030-AC
1830356 - BK31-13W030-AD
1865208 - BK31-13W030-AE
1877026 - BK31-13W030-AF
2387743 - BK31-13W030-AG

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